Majority of people believes that towing companies only offer 1 type of towing service. However, this is not the case. There are numerous tow trucks available for dispatch if the towing company carries them in the fleet. It is worth noting that the availability of these towing vehicles depends on the service provider you plan to hire. Therefore, it is important to consider the most suitable tow truck for the situation.

Wheel Lift Tow Trucks

They are staple towing vehicles in most towing companies. These trucks are most fitting for vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds. They are also very useful when it comes to towing in tight corners. The cost of purchasing these tow trucks are lower compared to other types of towing vehicles. However, they are not suitable for towing heavy vehicles (only if the tow trucks are the heavy-duty type).

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed tow trucks are considered one of the most convenient, reliable and safest towing vehicles. Your vehicle will be moved onto the platform (known as flatbed) at the back of the truck and transported without having the wheels in contact with road surface. Although they can be used for short distance towing, they also preferred in long distance towing. Practically all vehicles can be transported using this tow truck. Examples include SUVs, 4-wheel-drives, luxury and sports cars, vans and many others. This towing vehicle is has a ramp that has a hydraulic system which can tilt the flatbed to a ramp to allow the towed vehicle to be driven or winched onto it. When in place, the flatbed can be adjusted back to the original position. The towed vehicle will be properly tied down with straps to ensure safety and stability.

Hook and Chain Towing

This type of tow truck uses chains to wrap around the frames and axles of the towed vehicle to assist the towing process. However, this towing method has a high risk of damaging the towed vehicles. Many complaints were filed due to the fact that the towed vehicles receive scratches and bumps after being towed. This is why such towing vehicles are seldom used by towing companies. They are now normally dispatched for towing junk cars or wrecked vehicles involved in accidents.

Motorcycle Towing

These two-wheel vehicles are towed by companies using equipment like towing cradles, motorcycle trailer hitch dollies or flatbed tow trucks. With the right equipment and tools, companies can tow them in a safe manner without causing damage to it.

Heavy Duty Towing

Heavy-duty trucks or vehicles are trucks weighing 26,000 pounds and above. These heavyweights require big tow trucks to do the jobs. Towing equipment such as booms or integrated tow trucks are highly useful in towing these heavy vehicles; box trucks, buses, semi-trucks and etc. You need towing operators who have knowledge and experience in handling such towing tasks because they cannot be done with regular towing trucks.

Depending on the towing needs, you can opt for the right type of tow truck for the occasion. Factors including the condition of your vehicle, type of vehicle and availability of services should be considered while deciding for a tow truck service.

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